API Description


One of the key elements in 99c Analytics is the notion that computing time is cheap and you shouldn't have to pay much for something that doesn't cost much to produce. To get our beautiful metrics in order, we do a ton of data gleaning and cleaning. These processes cost us next to nothing but can mean a world to start-uppers, students and academics. So, we present to you the 99c Analytics API!

What can it do?

Currently, the API contains endpoints for stemming, sentiment analysis, language detection and geocoding. For now, the stemmer and sentiment analysis tool can handle English and Finnish the best. For sentiment analysis, our accuracy is 80 % and is improving by the day.

Great! How do I sign up and what does it cost?

We will do our best to keep the API free for you to use. The exact usage limits for the free service have not yet been determined. You can use the API as a part of your research or business. You can test the API right away using the API console and the provided temporary API key. Should you wish to start using the API for a longer term, please contact us, and we will send you a permanent API key.

Sentiment analysis

Our sentiment analysis API extracts a document level sentiment from any given text.

Text categorization

Text categorization API provides a category for any given document. To see the list of categories, please click here.

Geocoding API

Our geocoding API retrieves addresses from coordinates (WGS-84) or provides addresses for coordinates. At the moment we only support Finnish locations.