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You get what you pay for!

99c Analytics is an easy to use, easy to access and very affordable social media analytics service that will suit your needs. It provides you insight of your and your competitors' social media precense, engagement and activity. It does this without high premiums or forcing you to pay for something you don't need. You don't have download a single piece of software or learn to use any new programs: everything works in your browser. In short, it's the social media analysis service that everyone can use!

What is 99c Analytics?

Facebook, Twitter etc. these all offer a huge amount of data of social interaction. The problem is that this data lacks context and structure: what does 100 new likes on a Facebook page mean if you can't compare it to another 100 likes? We combine and compare this data to convert it to information that you can use. 99c Analytics provides information, such as, how large of an audience your or your competitors page gains, what is the attention share of your page users or how these have changed over time. With 99c Analytics you don't have to wait for two days to get Facebook Insights information: you get the essential information you need on a daily basis.

Who uses 99c Analytics?

99c Analytics is aimed for all types of users, from one person kiosk owners to large media and communication offices. But, what differs us from our competitors, is that our pricing structure is build around the needs of the kiosk owner. We believe that this information shouldn't be limited to big corporations. We believe that everyone is entitled to know what's happening in their Facebook page or in their Twitter feed, not just those who have thousands of dollars a month to get this information.Whether you're a nightclub owner in Manila, social media consultant in Chicago or a communications officer in London, 99c Analytics will offer what you need.

Contact us!

Email info@99analytics.com
Contact Olli Parviainen     +358 50 380 6739
Contact Mikael Rekola     +358 50 379 2176

Why is it 99c?

Actually, you can use 99c Analytics for free. You just don't get as much information. Most of analytics we offer don't suit the needs of everyone. You might be interested to know many facts of few pages or vice versa; we don't pretend to know your every need. Putting a simple price tag of 99 cents per month for new information makes sure that you don't pay for something you don't need. We also recognize that it's hard to start from scratch so we offer a 15 $ starter pack with a price tag of 9.90$. You can boost this with 99 cent add-ons Also, 99 cents is the price for a three minute music piece.

How does 99c Analytics work?

We believe in openness, so we don't hide behind obscure metrics: we explain everything we measure and how we turn these measurements to metrics. We get our data from Facebook through FQL and from Twitter through its Twitter API. We mine this data using our own highly efficient programs and use state of the art database technologies to store and access it. Efficiency is our motto and this makes it possible to offer advanced analytics at 99c a piece!

99c Analytics now and the future?

We are a start-up and 99c Analytics is in its beta phase. This means that you get everthing for free while we hone the details. At the moment we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr analytics in order. Pinterest etc. are on the list. Once we are fully satisfied that we have will get all the details right, we will start to charge a fee. But don't worry, we will give you a long heads up so you can decide on what you will need. We also provide an API for example sentiment analysis.